Alternative equipment and processes for advanced manufacturing of PV technologies

Deadline: 16 January 2024

Expected Outcome:

Photovoltaic power generation is pivotal in the transition to a clean energy system and the achievement of a climate-neutral economy. To this end, it is import, to enhance affordability, security of supply and sustainability of PV technologies along with further efficiency improvements. To ensure security of supply, retaining the whole value chain in EU Member States/Associated countries is essential; technology de-risking is a necessary step towards this direction. Consequently, project results are expected to contribute to all the following outcomes:

  • Contribute towards establishing a solid European PV innovations and production base.
  • Reduce the CAPEX and OPEX in the PV solar production chain, ultimately leading to cheaper modules and lower LCOE.
  • Reinforce the sustainability of the European PV value chain building a secure, resilient and diverse domestic energy sector industrial base.


A plan for the exploitation an dissemination of the results should include strong business case and sound exploitation strategy. The exploitation plan should include preliminary plans for scalability, commercialisation and deployment indicating the possible funding sources to be potentially used.