Development of novel long-term electricity storage technologies

Deadline: 30 March 2023

The expected outcomes of the projects consist of:

  • Increased availability, robustness, and safety of sustainable and efficient energy storage solutions to reduce energy losses, increase cost effectiveness and improve the environmental footprint of the energy system.
  • Availability and functionality of innovative energy storage systems developed for specific system designs and applications.
  • Increase technology leadership, competitiveness, and technology export potential  of European storage technology industry.
  • Enhanced sustainability of storage technologies, taking into account circular economy, social, economic, and environmental aspects in line with the European Green Deal priorities.


Development of novel storage technologies, efficiency and sustainability and are adapted to specific needs of the energy system. The developed solutions should be highly performant in respect of expected future investment and operational costs and business cases in existing or emerging energy markets and go beyond the state-of-the art of existing storage solutions in respect of the following parameters:

  • Sustainability;
  • Technical performance, including round-trip efficiency;
  • Lifetime.

Projects should address to the extent appropriate intelligent energy management systems, economic viability studies validated by industry and assessment of large-scale replication potential.