• Nature based Solutions integrated to protect local infrastructure

Deadline: 23 November 2022

Projects are expected to contribute to the outcomes which consist of: 1-Integrated Nature-based solutions (NBS) into overall concepts for the protection of infrastructures and existing integrated risk management plans for cities and urban areas with a view of complementing existing methods for protection and resilience. 2-Novel construction materials and solutions resulting in more durable and damage resistant infrastructure. The aim of this topic is to expand the knowledge on NBS and their ability to enhance infrastructure resilience in cities and urban areas against man-made hazards. Proposals should include a strong involvement of citizen/civil society, together with academia/research, industry/SMEs and government public authorities.

  • Best international practice for scaling up sustainable biofuels

Deadline: 10 January 2023

Projects are expected to build global knowledge for the scaling-up and assessment of sustainable biofuels value chains, to contribute to cost effective and more sustainable large-scale production of sustainable biofuels, to accelerate capacity building for sustainable biofuels in the world as well as to develop networks for skill development and knowledge sharing in sustainable biofuels value chains worldwide. Proposals will aim at fostering international cooperation to develop best practices and concepts along the entire value chain for accelerating the scale-up of sustainable biofuels worldwide. International cooperation with Mission Innovation countries is expected.

  • Integrated wind farm control

Deadline: 10 January 2023

The EU aims to be climate neutral in 2050, and to achieve this goal, wind energy technologies need to unlock their full potential on low-cost reliable clean energy generation. The next generation of wind farms need to be supported by an even more innovative set of physical and digital tools as well as operational control. Project results are expected to contribute to development of open source data-driven tools to decrease energy cost on operation,  development of digital and physical tools, as well as interoperable frameworks and controls, for enhanced data collection, analysis and operation aimed at an improved performance at farm level followed by contributing to LCOE reduction in line with the SET Plan targets. The proposal is expected to address how digital innovations on wind farm control are able to provide more stable, resilient, secure, reliable and affordable energy, while retaining high levels of security, how these data driven innovations reduce operational and maintenance costs, increase energy output and address the role of such innovation as a prognostic tool, regarding failures and damages.   

  • Open Topic

Deadline: 23 November 2022

Under the open topic proposals are expected to address new, upcoming or unforeseen challenges and/or creative or disruptive solutions within this Destination that are not covered by the other topics. Adapted to the nature, scope and type of the proposed projects, proposals should convincingly explain how they will plan and/or carry out demonstration, testing and validation of developed tools and solutions. They are also expected to be convincing in explaining the methods they intend to use for demonstrating , testing and validating the proposed tools and solutions. Proposals should also delineate the plans to develop possible future uptake and upscaling at national and EU level for possible next steps after the research project. Research proposals should consider, build on if appropriate and not duplicate previous research, including but is not limited to research by other Framework Programmes’ projects.

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