Partnerships for innovation- Forward-looking projects – Digital education (cross-sectoral)

Deadline: 15 March 2023

Following the recent pandemic, the need for innovation in our education and training systems, as well as youth has never been so great. Innovation in teaching and learning at individual as well as institutional level is crucial. This action will aim to foster innovation, creativity and participation, as well as social entrepreneurship in different fields of
education and training. The goal is to support transnational cooperation projects implementing a coherent set of sector or cross-sectoral activities that either:

  • foster innovation in terms of scope, ground-breaking methods and practices, and/or
  • ensure a transfer of innovation

The general objectives are as follows:

  • Innovative initiatives with a strong impact on education and training reforms in specific strategic policy areas;
  • Support forward-looking ideas focusing on key topics and priorities at EU level;
  • Creating systemic change through fostering innovation at both practice and policy- level.

The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Identifying, developing, testing and/or accessing innovative approaches that have the potential to improve education and training systems as well as it effectiveness;
  • Launching pilot actions to test solutions to present and future challenges;
  • Supporting transnational cooperation and mutual learning.
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