ATM Excellence science and outreach for virtualisation and cybersecure data-sharing

Deadline: 15 November 2023

Expected outcome:

Project results are expected to contribute to the following outcomes.

  • Cost-efficiency: the proposed solutions are expected to report on the potential reduction in infrastructure costs. Potential reduction in infrastructure and the possible creation of competition between future data suppliers will reduce costs;
  • Capacity: the proposed solutions shall aim at improving capacity and resilience thanks to an increased flexibility of ATS provision to better adapt to traffic demand and make the best use of capacity at network level;
  • Safety: the proposed solutions are expected to maintain at least the same level of safety as the current ATM system;
  • Security: The proposed solutions are expected to identify and mitigate the potential security risks deriving from the future data sharing service delivery model.

Scope : The Digital European Sky vision aims at removing the close coupling of ATM service provision to the ATS systems and operational procedures. The challenge is to propose innovative( or unconventional) ideas that will enable data sharing, foster a more dynamic and resilient airspace management and ATM service provision. The proposed solutions shall aim at rationalising and harmonizing the ATM infrastructure while reducing the defragmentation. Virtualisation solutions should aim at completely decoupling ATM service provision from the physical location of the personnel and equipment, while scaling up and down of system performance in quasi-real time, as and when required.