Critical technologies for the future ocean energy farms

Deadline: 04 February 2025

Expected outcome:

Project results are expected to contribute to all the following expected outcomes:

  • Increased performance of ocean energy technologies with the focus on sustainability, operation and maintenance of energy
  • Improved knowledge on how to operate ocean energy devices, their availability, maintainability, reliability, survivability, and
  • Reduction of


  1. Components and systems used in ocean energy devices need to be resistant to corrosion and the heavy loads they are subject to. Develop new sustainable materials with improved fatigue, damping, stiffness, sustainability, and bio-fouling management or other cost-reducing characteristics. Materials such as reinforced concrete, polymers, composites, and concrete-steel/composite-steel hybrid systems have demonstrated some advantages such as reduced costs. Demonstrating the potential benefits of these new sustainable materials in ocean energy converters, moorings, and foundations whilst ensuring structural integrity, durability, and circularity is
  2. Advance the design of sustainable tailored mooring and connection of electrical or other power transmission systems for floating or subsea wave and tidal devices. Advance combined mooring and electrical connectors or hydraulic power transmission to reduce component cost and number of connection operations, included in systems for sharing an anchor between devices in arrays. Develop novel systems for safe and quick connection/disconnection that do not require large vessels and/or diving