Culture and creative industries for a sustainable climate transition

Deadline: 07 February 2024

Expected outcome:

Projects should contribute to all the following expected outcomes:

  • Refined and validated approach(es) for Europe’s cultural and creative industries (CCIs) to become true drivers of a sustainable climate transition.
  • Significant contributions to help European CCIs become better prepared to adapt to and contribute to the climate transition in line with the 2030 goals spelled out under a European Green Deal.    


The cultural and creative industries are an important source of growth and job creation in the European economy. Moreover, the CCIs play a key role in shaping culture, values and perception across the European Union and beyond. Thus, the role of the CCIs in achieving the European Union’s climate transition objectives is crucial.

Specific approaches are therefore needed to enable Europe’s CCIs to develop their full potential to support a sustainable climate transition.

Proposals should provide for testing and refining such model(s) through small scale pilot trials under real world conditions. These pilot trials should verify the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the action(s), as well as the efficacy.

A wide set of stakeholders should be involved, in order to ensure that pilots are developed in an effective and realistic way, so that conclusions can readily be taken up and solutions scaled up effectively.

Proposals should build on existing knowledge, activities, networks and platforms, notably the ones funded by the European Union.