Demonstrations of innovative floating wind concepts

•                    Deadline: 21 January 2025

Expected outcome:

Project results are expected to contribute to all of the following expected outcomes:

  • Increased knowledge about design, construction, assembly and operation and maintenance of floating wind farms.
  • Improved overall     constructability,     reliability,     installability,    operability     and maintainability of floating offshore wind systems.
  • Demonstrated efficient, low-cost and sustainable emerging technologies for floating wind turbines; reduction of the LCoE.
  • Reinforced European offshore wind turbine value chain and
  • Data for future optimisation of industry scale commissioning of the floater, mooring and anchor system.


The overall aim is to accelerate the cost-effective construction and deployment of floating wind farms, facilitating their rapid and sustainable deployment across Europe and lower their overall costs. Projects are expected to:

  1. Do the design optimisation of a full floating system, facilitate the execution of the project addressing space needs in ports, vessels, etc., supply chain development
  2. Demonstrate innovative floating or horizontal axis offshore wind energy platforms in real sea conditions for long periods of time (12-24 months), collect data for future improvement design of the concept, to accurately predict future floating wind energy production and providing valuable learnings regarding performance, reliability, availability, maintainability, survivability, and environmental The wind energy system should be grid-connected.
  3. Develop and implement pilot projects for floating wind by identifying the best existing practices and the remaining knowledge gaps.