Design for adaptability, re-use and deconstruction of buildings, in line with the principles of circular economy

Deadline: 21 January 2025

Expected outcome:

  • Improved adaptability of buildings and building units to new
  • Increased reuse and recycling of building elements and
  • Extended service life of
  • Increased awareness on best practices for design for adaptability, reuse and deconstruction.


Based on the integration of innovative tools, products, techniques, to enable construction and renovation solutions that embeds the principle of extending the service life of buildings, and facilitate adaptability to changing user needs, reuse, and deconstruction, in a life-cycle optimisation and circular economy perspective.

Proposals are expected to address all of the following:

  • Validate construction and renovation solutions based on the integration of innovative tools, products, techniques, processes, and methods, that facilitate deconstruction and reuse based on life-cycle approaches across the value
  • Ensure the solutions are validated:
    • Consider the adaptability and reversibility of buildings and building units to changing uses, and to other relevant
    • Improve the ease of reuse of construction elements and products from existing buildings, also facilitating recycling when reuse is not
    • Address all components of buildings, including structural elements, envelopes, interior fixtures and fittings, and technical building
    • Can flexibly adapt to local/regional sourcing od innovative products and materials to increase
    • Address climate change mitigation, minimising
    • Allow to minimise any negative impacts of pollution and biodiversity loss from renovation and construction
    • Are rooted in local and regional value chains, based on participative approaches for social acceptability of innovation, in particular with regard to the workforce’s practices and
  • Deliver guidance and recommendations for technology providers, regulatory authorities, certification and standardisation bodies, and define and implement ambitious dissemination actions, to promote the approaches demonstrated and support their
  • Contribute to the activities of the Built4People partners and to the Built4People network of innovation clusters.