Manufacturing as a Service: Technologies for customised flexible, decentralised production on demand 

Deadline: 07 February 2024

Expected outcome:

  • Easy access to flexible and decentralised manufacturing and remanufacturing capacities, especially for SMEs, reducing the required Investments for manufacturers while enabling them to use more sustainable and circular facilities.
  • Availability of automation , emerging and digital technologies for the servitisation of manufacturing assets assuring optimal performance, fast configuration and upgrade with minimal downtime, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance via trusted, secure and interoperable cross-company data exchange.
  • Improved value chain integration through the availability of technologies and models for securely exchanging and leveraging life-cycle data of servitised manufacturing assets, also in view of the reuse and recycle of assets, components and materials. 

Scope :

This topic aims at further developing and integrating the technologies needed for the successful implementation of MaaS (distributed system of production where resources are offered as services) allowing to manufacture “on demand” a large choice of customised products, with high flexibility and short lead time, by using distributed facilities as a service and exploiting unused production capacities. The objective will be achieved through platforms for fast data exchange and seamless, data-driven, standards-based automation of inter-company processes beyond the factory boundaries.