New technologies and solutions for reducing the environmental and climate footprints of RIs

Deadline: 09 March 2023

Project results are expected to contribute to all the following expected outcomes:

  • reduction of environmental(including climate-related) impacts;
  • optimisation of resource and energy consumption integrated through the full life cycle of research infrastructures;
  • increased long-term sustainability of European research infrastructures.

The aim of this topic is to deliver innovative technologies and solutions which reduce the environmental and climate footprint of RIs through the full life cycle of research infrastructures.
Proposals should address the following aspects, as relevant:

  • new technologies and solutions for research infrastructures enabling transformative resource efficiency and reduction of environmental impacts;
  • validation and prototyping;
  • action plans to deploy the new developments at wider scale and ensure their sustainability;
  • training of RI staff for the operation and use of the new solutions.
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