Ocean &  water and arts: the contribution of creative sectors to Mission Ocean and waters

Deadline: 20 September 2023

Expected Outcome:

  • Stimulate the citizens interest in and fascination by ocean and waters;
  • Boost interest in working in the blue economies, engaging in ocean and water management and protection and blue research and innovation;
  • Connect coastal and maritime communities with their habitats and their ecological, aesthetic and cultural heritage;
  • Mobilisation of artistic communities and creative sectors for the protection and restoration of ocean, seas and inland waters and their biodiversity and for the empowerment of these communities and citizens to act against pollution and destruction of marine and freshwater ecosystems.


Art and creative sectors can play an important role in the mobilization of citizens, stakeholders and civil society actors, such as NGOs and the philanthropic community, for the protection and restoration, of the waters and inland waters, their biodiversity, aesthetic and cultural heritage. Creative activities can also play an important role in addressing the challenges of coastal areas, thus contributing to the New Bauhaus initiative. Mobilisation, cooperation and coordination should be envisaged at interregional/transnational level. Proposals are encouraged to build synergies with relevant activities supported under the Creative Europe programme and with other New European Bauhaus projects, notably those based in coastal and maritime regions.