Renewable Energy Financing Mechanism Technology specific – Solar PV

Deadline: 17 August 2023

The RENEWFM is an EU financing programme contributing to the clean energy transition and the European Green Deal objectives, including the goals and objectives of the Paris Agreement, 2030 climate and energy targets and long-term decarbonisation objective.

In this context, the RENEWFM allows EU countries to work  more closely together in the take-up and promotion of renewables, improving the efficiency of investment, pooling resources and finding the right mix between public and private finance. It facilitates a more cost-effective roll-out of renewables across the EU, particularly in the areas that have a greater access to natural resources or are better suited for it in terms of geography.

Expected Impact:

The projects must contribute to the realisation of additional renewable energy capacity across the EU in a cost-effective way. The beneficiaries will be expected to report renewable energy production on an annual basis.   

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