Critical    technologies    for     the    offshore    wind    farm     of    the    Future

Deadline: 30 March 2023Project results are expected to contribute to all the following outcomes: Scope:The projects should exploit improved understanding of the issues related to materials in the upscaling of wind energy turbines/systems;The transition of the energy system will rely on reducing the overall energy demand and making the energy supply side climate neutral, in current […]

Innovative technologies for sustainable and decarbonised extraction (RIA)

Deadline: 20 April 2023 A secure supply of sustainable raw materials is crucial for the green and digital transition. Project outcomes will enable achieving the expected impacts of the destination by increasing access to primary raw materials, in particular critical raw materials for EU industrial value chains and strategic sectors. Projects are expected to contribute to […]

New technologies and solutions for reducing the environmental and climate footprints of RIs

Deadline: 09 March 2023 Project results are expected to contribute to all the following expected outcomes: The aim of this topic is to deliver innovative technologies and solutions which reduce the environmental and climate footprint of RIs through the full life cycle of research infrastructures.Proposals should address the following aspects, as relevant:

Capacity building in the field of sport

Deadline: 22 March 2023 Capacity building projects are international cooperation projects that aim to support sport activities and policies in third countries not associated to the Programme as a way to promote values as well as an educational tool to promote the personal and social development of individuals and build more cohesive communities. The general objectives are […]

Partnerships for innovation- Forward-looking projects – Digital education (cross-sectoral)

Deadline: 15 March 2023 Following the recent pandemic, the need for innovation in our education and training systems, as well as youth has never been so great. Innovation in teaching and learning at individual as well as institutional level is crucial. This action will aim to foster innovation, creativity and participation, as well as social entrepreneurship in different fields […]


More sustainable buildings with reduced embodied energy / carbon, high life-cycle performance and reduced life-cycle costs Deadline: 24 January 2023 Projects results are expected to contribute to the following expected  outcomes: -Increased and more traceable reduction of the GHG emissions of buildings in design, construction, renovation, operation and end of life. -Faster market uptake of […]


Deadline: 23 November 2022 Projects are expected to contribute to the outcomes which consist of: 1-Integrated Nature-based solutions (NBS) into overall concepts for the protection of infrastructures and existing integrated risk management plans for cities and urban areas with a view of complementing existing methods for protection and resilience. 2-Novel construction materials and solutions resulting […]

Completata l’associazione dei Balcani Occidentali a Horizon Europe: Albania aderisce, Bosnia diventa membro formale

Bruxelles – Almeno un allargamento ai Balcani Occidentali l’Unione Europea è riuscito a completarlo. Non sarà quello che porta a 33 il numero di Stati membri, ma in termini di integrazione europea ha comunque un valore significativo. Oggi (giovedì 10 febbraio) è stata portata a compimento l’associazione dei Balcani Occidentali a Horizon Europe, grazie alla firma degli accordi da […]

Italy’s Recovery and Resilience Plan: Lack of Communication Strategy

Author: Massimo Romagnoli, expert of European Funds,  Government Relations, Public Affairs, Lobbying, Media Relations & Legal Affairs. CEO & Chairman of Progresso APM Consulting Srl. Published on 31/01/2022 ———————————- The majority of European countries have committed their effort to develop their communication strategy within their RRPs (Recovery and Resilience Plans) to make citizens aware of […]

Fondi Ue, questi sconosciuti

Progresso Apm Consulting istruisce e cura le pratiche di partecipazione ai bandi Romagnoli (ceo): “Ora allarghiamo l’orizzonte al settore delle esportazioni” DI DANIELE FUNARO _ MARCO DINU Progresso Apm Consulting nasce nel 2018 su iniziativa di Massimo Romagnoli, siciliano classe 1971, dalla constatazione dello scarso impiego, da parte dei cittadini, dei fondi predisposti dall’Unione Europea […]